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Reflections on the Inspiring Futures 2023 Conference - A Blog

Our journey initially began with a Makerspace event, captivating 80 school kids in the enchanting world of leadership development, setting the stage for a day brimming with exploration.

A great partnership formed with the Inspiring Future’s team and Ideate Ed for the Makerspace event. From tower-building with spaghetti to podcasting debates on youth voices, music making and poetry -  every activity mirrored facets of leadership, setting the tone for a day of exploration. The outcome was a soundscape on leadership, providing the right platform for the Inspiring Future’s Professionals Conference 2023.

The soundscape created during the Makerspace event set the tone, and a silent disco-style entrance welcomed professionals to the historic Eastbury Manor House. 

Martin, Culture and Wellbeing Lead, began the conference weaving a narrative that transcends traditional ideas of education. His words were not just an opening; they were a call to action, an invitation to step into a realm where creativity, learning, and inspiration collide.

Diverse workshops became the canvas for dialogue and introspection. Active learning strategies, drama techniques, and an exhilarating exploration of creativity with rap and VR—all designed to push boundaries and stimulate fresh perspectives.

Mark Miller, Director of Learning at The Tate, delivered a keynote on cultivating encounters in art, idea, and experience at Tate. The subsequent Pecha Kucha Power Hour showcased brilliant presentations. Fast, funny, and thought-provoking— The Pecha Kucha sessions were like speed dating for ideas. Speakers like Sabine Adeyinka, Anna Wilson, and Dauda Ladejobi, shared insights in a format that left everyone wanting more.

Hustle Eats kept our energy high with delectable Caribbean street food, adding a flavorful touch to the day.  Regina Mudibo-Pamba, the Young Mayor of Barking and Dagenham, brought a fresh perspective to the table. Her closing speech resonated with the aspirations of the younger generation, reminding us that the future is in capable hands - presenting us fresh thinking to the leadership discussion.

As we wrapped up with reflections, evaluations, we also had a screening of a short film,' it was evident we experienced a truly stellar conference - Laughter, thoughts and insights echoed through the historic halls, reminding us that in the world of education, a touch of inspiration can turn any event into a masterpiece.

Watch the Video: For a visual journey through the day's highlights, watch our short video. It encapsulates the essence of our creative odyssey at Inspiring Futures 2023. Let's continue empowering futures through innovation. #IdeateEd #InspiringFutures2023 #EmpowerThroughInnovation


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