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Workshops with Ideate Ed

Dive into a world of innovative workshops at Ideate Ed, where imagination is the compass and education is the destination. Our array of engaging sessions reach outcomes in EDI to wider creative education, promising not just learning but an immersive experience. Here are some workshops that bring learning to life

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At Ideate Ed, workshops aren't just learning sessions; they're transformative experiences. We believe in making education an adventure, where every workshop is an opportunity to break boundaries and redefine possibilities. Join us in shaping the future of education, one workshop at a time.

We have access to a pool of highly skilled and creative facilitators from various backgrounds  If you have a creative idea for a workshop, It's very likely we can deliver it!

EDI Workshops

Intro into EDI: Dive into the foundations of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI). Our workshops provide an engaging introduction, unraveling the nuances and importance of fostering an inclusive environment.

Inclusion Matters: Make EDI advocacy fun! Discover innovative ways to explore inclusion, encouraging participants to become advocates for diversity within their educational community.


Workshops in Educational Settings

Impact of RAP: Unleash the power of educational outcomes through rap. Participants not only learn rhythm but also express academic concepts creatively through lyrics.


Painting & Brushstrokes

Painting sessions that transcend art, promoting self-expression and creativity on canvas.


Podcasting to Empower

Equip minds with the art of podcasting, empowering them to share their unique perspectives and stories in the digital realm.

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Music-Making & Songwriting

Explore the world of lyrics and melodies, transforming emotions into impactful musical compositions.

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