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About the Role

As a Freelance Facilitator at Ideate Ed, you'll have the opportunity to lead engaging workshops, sessions, and projects across a variety of creative domains. We're looking for individuals with diverse skill sets who can bring a fresh perspective to our educational initiatives.

Your Creative Skill Set Could Include:

EDI (Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion) Advocacy
Rap and Music Composition
Drama and Theatrical Arts
Podcasting and Digital Storytelling
Visual Arts (Painting, Drawing, etc.)
Health and Wellbeing Practices (Mindfulness, Yoga, Boxing)


Key Responsibilities:

  • Deliver dynamic and interactive sessions aligned with Ideate Ed's mission.

  • Foster a positive and inclusive learning environment.

  • Collaborate with the Ideate Ed team to tailor sessions to specific needs.

Why Ideate Ed

A chance to contribute to transformative educational experiences.
Collaboration with a diverse team committed to positive change.
Flexibility in scheduling workshops and sessions.

Join us in redefining education through creativity! Apply today and be a part of the Ideate Ed journey.

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