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Groundbreakers Leadership Training Programme

  • 4Weeks


Our ground breaker programme helps to ensure that developmental activities and improvements in areas pertaining to the target are carried out to produce a positive result, we target primarily young adults, schools, and those who are sensitive enough to changes in their environment which helps to create a means of mental health awareness and confidence in any area or sector. A way to generate income from one's ability to express oneself, Our incubator and micro investment leadership program has many advantages for our clients, including financial advice on their startup business plans, networking opportunities with other business owners who have more experience in the field, and guidance on how to obtain business funding. Our clients receive guidance on how to create a profitable, long-lasting entrepreneurial business as well as some technical support that is pertinent to their industry. They also learn how to conserve the business' working capital. GROUNDBREAKERS, through podcasts, that would speak profoundly on issues that young adults care about, engage them, and provide a way to connect them through audio-visual poetry, story telling, artistic visuals, rap, etc.

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